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Frequently Asked Questions/ Policies and Procedures 



How much do your cookies cost? 

Regular-sized cookies (3-3.5") are between $3-$5 each, depending on intricacy of design. I also offer printed cookies for $3 each; these are generally available with a quicker turn-around time.  Minimum order is 18. I can accomodate up to two different designs per dozen. 

Do you require a deposit? 

To hold your date, I require a retainer fee of $10; this can be paid by Venmo, Paypal, credit card, or check (address available upon request). Your place is not secured in my calendar until the retainer is paid; I receive inquiries daily, and cannot guarantee a spot for you without the paid fee. The balance is due at pickup. 

How far in advance should I order? 

It is never too early to place an order! Currently I am booked for hand-decorated cookies through the remainder of 2022.  Generally I am booked about 6-8 weeks in advance, but my availability can change at any time. 

When and where is pickup? 

I prefer that all orders are picked up on Fridays; however, I have additional availability if necessary. Pickup is in Howell, NJ.

NEW POLICY REGARDING PICKUP : All pickup times will include a 15-minute grace period for traffic and/or extenuating circumstances- after 15 minutes, your pickup time will either be rescheduled, OR, at your request, I will leave the cookies by my front door for you to pick up. I take NO RESPONSIBILITY for the condition of your cookies if you choose to have them left outside- please note that I do not recommend leaving printed cookies outside for any amount of time. I will not leave your cookies outside unless expressly told to do so, so please understand that if 15 minutes has elapsed and I have not heard from you, there is no guarantee that I will be here for your pickup. Thanks! I set pickup times very deliberately, and with three kids in three different schools this year, I have an extremely packed schedule. I appreciate your understanding!  

How long do cookies stay fresh? 

Cookies stay fresh for about a week if they are individually wrapped and tied with ribbon; without wrapping in a bakery box, cookies stay fresh about 3 days. If you need to pick up your cookies well before your event, please let me know and I can heat-seal them for you at a small additional charge; this will keep your cookies fresh for about 2 weeks. 


Are your cookies nut-free? 

Our cookies do not contain nuts, but are produced in a commercial kitchen that also processes nuts and nut products. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that they are allergen-free. Cookies also contain eggs, dairy, and wheat. 


How can I place an order?

















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